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Today there are plenty of software available for your financial management requirements, offering a range of methods to help you manage your finances. But Quicken continues to remain the world leader when it comes to personal finance managing. Quicken’s story starts back in the summer of 1982 when Scott Cook noticed how his wife was struggling with her bill payments and balance out her checkbook on their kitchen table. Cook noticed how frustrating and tedious the entire process was and he decided to do something about it. He thought that there must be a better and an easier way of managing the household finances. Necessity is the mother of invention and with this small necessity, the story of Quicken took shape gradually.


Cook and Tom Proulx, his founder, developed Quicken to ease people’s hassles while they managed their finances. To perfect the software, Cook and Proulx conducted a lot of research that comprised them taking even interviews of their potential consumers in order to understand what exactly consumers were looking for in a financial management software. The first version of Quicken 1.0 was launched in 1984 for DOS and in 1988, within a span of four years; Quicken was the world’s #1 software for financial management.

From then on, Quicken has helped millions of people in sorting out their financial management issues. Today it is the most preferred financial management software on the planet. Our team is constantly is monitoring everything to make your experience of using Quicken much smoother. We, at Quicken, are quite passionate to make your Quicken experience enriching. Our belief is that customer satisfaction should be our top priority and true to that we have always looked after our customers.

There are a lot of advantages to using Quicken over any other software company for your financial management. Quicken comes in many different versions. The Basic Version is an entry level version which will be suitable for simple home usage. It allows to track easily all your day to day financial activities. You can balance out your checkbook, pay all your bills online, organize your expenses, download information relating to your credit and your debit card, organize and generate your monthly budget. Quicken Basic costs the lowest and is quite affordable considering how much you can save on your bank fees, your NSF fees, overdrafts or any other costly fees which you may have to give.

The second version of Quicken is the Quicken Deluxe version. It is a step up from the Basic version and can do all the things which your basic version does but will give you some more functions like finding your hidden tax deductions, downloading and tracking your 401K and your IRA accounts, plan up for your kid’s college funds, retirements or a new home even. You can also store all your financial statements, your checks and your records: all electronically. Quicken Deluxe is quite easy to function, a lot of financial institutions today offer e-statements which you will be able to download into your Quicken and then you can back up these statements without requiring to ever keep a physical copy of them ever. This will save your data against any form of identity theft also.

Quicken also has a Premier version which has all the features of the previous two versions and to add to them you can add more functions to plan out your financial commitments. This version will allow monitoring your portfolio and organizing reports for investment performances. You can also track all your investments and your financial assets can all be easily accessed with our Premier version.

If ever should you encounter any problem in running or managing Quicken or face any software glitches or bugs, feel free to contact us through our customer care helpline, it is a toll free number and you can contact us anytime. Our customer support team is always there to help you sort out all your problems.

Quicken is the leading financial management software on the planet and it is with our utmost dedication and commitment to your customers that we have been able to maintain this. Our priority has always been customer satisfaction and we remain focused on achieving this goal. We are lucky to be able to serve so many people and consider it our privilege that millions have chosen Quicken for their financial management requirements. Do visit our website to get more details about our products. We hope to serve you in the future as well.

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