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One of today’s most pressing issues in all urban households is the need for a strong financial management plan to be put in place. Whether, you are a businessman running a large corporation or a small time business enterprise, or just for personal home expenses, having a good financial management system is equally important for all three. With so many bills to pay, investments to track and budgets to plan for the future, it is immensely prudent that you monitor all your financial transactions and check where your money is being spent. Thankfully, we have a software package for you that serves all these requirements and more in Quicken.

Why Quicken is the best financial management software?

Quicken is the world’s best financial management software with a customer base from several countries all across the world. We serve millions of customers from all around the world with not just offline support but also have a host of online features. Quicken comes in 3 different versions depending upon the range of utility you are looking for: Quicken Home and Business, Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier. We also have a 24/7 customer care service for Quicken customers to help them with all their problems regarding using Quicken which you can call up anytime using Quicken’s toll free number.


Why Quicken is the best financial management software?

  • You can have access to around 11,000 billers
  • It is possible to download the bills in PDF format
  • Excel reports are available directly
  • The custom report layout option is expandable
  • Automatic updates are available
  • Custom invoices can be obtained with your preferable payment link, logo and colo
  • 5 GB online backup space is available for the data files
  • Rent reminders as well as receipts reminders for business, home and rental property can be setup easily. Users can receive this alert from time to time on their mail address.

Similarly, if you go for the Quicken Deluxe, Starter or Premiere for the Mac device, you can get a completely different set of advantages. Some of them are in listed below for your convenience:

  • All the latest features are available
  • Easy to use and access interface
  • PDF bill download
  • You can approach more than 11000 online billers
  • Investment can be easily track down
  • No charges for making payment using Quicken bill pay
  • Completely secured backup - 5 GB online storage space available for data files
  • Quicken customer service is available 24 hours

If you are unable to access any of the Quicken feature, then you can easily get in touch with our professional Quicken team members who can guide you to resolve your problem in the best possible way. Below we have listed some of the common problems that are faced by the Quicken users while accessing this software. There are several other problems apart from the one which we are going to mention below but you can always be tension free because our help desk experts are available 24 hours at your service. Always remember, we are just a phone call away from you.

Why it is showing Quicken Error CC-800?

It is common for many users to experience an error code 800 when they are trying to run transactions from different accounts. Primarily, this is because of two reasons, firstly, you might not be running the latest release of Quicken or secondly, you might have old deactivated accounts in your Quicken database. First, you must check whether you have the latest released version of Quicken running or not, Select Tools> One Step Updates and check if you require an update or not. The second step involves fixing the accounts which are causing the problem: go to Tools>Account List, check your Show Hidden Accounts, go to Edit with those accounts which are showing you the problem and then Deactivate them from the Online Services tab. Close the Account List after that. You can also go to File>File Operations>Validate and Repair>Validate File. Re-open Quicken after this. If you still encounter any issues, call our help desk number at Quicke

Issues related to frequent Quicken crashing

You can experience your Quicken crashing for several reasons, however, most commonly the reason is an improper update when some of the files might have got corrupted. To fix this, open Quicken in the Silent Mode, there you can open Quicken sans opening your data files. Hold Ctrl and Shift and double click on the Quicken icon, and hold on to Ctrl and Shift till you see a blank screen. After this you need to restore your backup file and validate it by clicking: File > File Operations > Validate and Repair. Check on Validate file and then click OK. Quicken accounts need to be updated every time there is a new issue released, because these updates carry the solutions to common bugs and service glitches. If you still experience any problem, contact Quicken tech support.

Why Quicken is running slowly?

If your Quicken is running slowly, you should see if your computer meets the required system specifications and requirements to run your version of Quicken. Then exit all your programs and restart your PC. Try running ScanDisk utility, Disk Defragmenter also. Next you should check if the version of Quicken that you running, requires an update or not. If it has to be updated, then immediately update your Quicken to the latest release version to get better performance. If all these fail, contact Quicken customer care for more assistance

Why there are duplicate transactions

A lot of reasons are possible for having duplicate transactions. It is necessary to identify the reason first by checking the Download ID of those transactions. Review all the duplicate Download IDs. Check if your manual and downloaded transactions both appear in your accounts register with different IDs or not. If you see them, try to deactivate and then reactivate the faulty accounts. If the problem persists, contact Quicken customer care support for immediate solution of your queries.

Quicken issues related to mobile applications

Quicken’s mobile app is available both on Google Play Store and MAC App store. Ensure that you are running an updated version of the app. For any issue like: getting error messages in the mobile app, not being able to sign in the mobile app, missing your transactions, reset passwords, signing out from the mobile app, etc we recommend you to visit our customer care page at Quicken’s website or to call our toll free number at Quicken’s help desk.

Quicken showing error while saving data files?

Check whether your data file was initially created on another computer or not, create a backup of that on that computer. If the file was made on that same computer then create a backup o that computer. Try and restore that backup in Quicken. If this fails, then contact Quicken’s tech support for further assistance. It is advised that you always keep backups of all your Quicken files and update your information at the earliest, should there be any.

The USA Support Team of Quicken

For any query, guidance, assistance relating to Quicken and its functionality, contact Quicken USA support team through a call at our toll free number or chat online with our experts. Our experts at Quicken customer care are there 24/7 to help you sort your problems.

Errors for Reconciliation Statement

Reconciling your statement is not mandatory but a lot of users do it as they want to reconcile their account and ensure consistency between the information they have in Quicken and in their bank’s statements. Reconciling is done mostly with manual accounts, but it can be done with online accounts also. Call customer care at Quicken for further assistance.

Why Quicken freezes after importing/opening a file?

Your Quicken can freeze for either of two reasons: firstly, the file you want to open is corrupted and secondly, your version of Quicken is not updated properly. To know how to check whether your file is corrupted or not, call Quicken’s helpdesk number. Update your Quicken with One Step Update to check if the problem is gone or not, if it persists then uninstall and reinstall your Quicken.


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Is it possible to change my Quicken bank information?

Click on the tools button, click on Account List. Select Edit, when you see the Account Details box, you must select it and then go on the tab that reads Online Services. Click on the option: Change connection Method. If you do not find it, then click on the Deactivate button. After the account is deactivated, you must click Set UP Now option. Following this, click on the Advance Setup towards the bottom of your Activate One Step Update Window. Then enter the names and details of your bank and account and continue on with the Set Up process. If these methods do not work, then feel free to contact our customer care service at Quicken anytime and get more assistance.

Do you want refund from Quicken?

Getting a refund from Quicken is a fast easy process, should you qualify for it. The Refund dialog must however be used only in those cases where you have already made your payment for some invoices, the vendor then returns cash back to you and you have entered it in your Quicken account as a credit taken from your vendor. Depending on how you want the refund to be made: you have two options, first, to get the refund manually from the concerned vendor, secondly to get an online refund. Choose what suits you best. For further assistance, contact Quicken’s customer service center.

Is it possible to access my old Quicken account?

There have been many cases where customers complained that they are not being able to access their old Quicken accounts, after they have created their new accounts. May customers have the need to keep multiple accounts ad this problem of not being able to access your old accounts also has solutions. You can try to go to the Account Bar and click on the account which you want to have opened. Check if you are entering the right account details and passwords also. You can also open your older account from your Account List. Go to the Tools menu and then click on Account List. Double click the accounts which you would like to open. You can get a detailed overview or a summarized version of your account details in Quicken also. For further assistance, contact out toll free number at Quicken Customer Care service to sort your issues.

Quicken Errors related to upgradation, installation and uninstallation

A lot of times you get errors in Quicken because the version of Quicken which you are running is not updated or because you did not complete installation process correctly. This can lead to corrupted data files and can often give rise to errors and glitches in your Quicken’s functioning. An easy way to tackle this is to ensure that your updates are properly installed. If they are not then you can manually update your Quicken by downloading the necessary patches and files and installing them. You can also go for the automatic Quicken One Step Update feature. If everything fails, then you can uninstall and reinstall your Quicken and then go for immediate updating of your software from the internet. This should resolve your problem. However, you can always contact our helpdesk at Quicken to get more assistance.

Why am I facing Quicken transaction issues?

There can be minor transaction issues with Quicken if you are not running Quicken properly. Check if the transaction is done from a different computer or not, if it is made online. See if the files are corrupted or not, restore backup versions of corrupted files, if you find any. You may face problems like the transactions which you modified disappear from your registers list or your modified transactions still showing “New” in the registers list. Under these situations, you must select the erroneous transactions in your account in list of the downloaded transactions. Then edit the notes field of the transaction under the names of the payee, the tag field and the category fields. Then Save the changes you made and exit. For any further assistance in this regard, call our customer helpline number at Quicken and our experts will help you with resolving your issues.

Support for the Quicken 2018 version

Quicken 2018 is Quicken’s latest and most updated edition with various new features like a streamlined workflow, accessing your online bill payments, and so on. You can also track and analyze your loans and monitor your investments more efficiently in Quicken 18. You will get your statements directly in the form of PDFs and you can find your investments put out in ready Excel Spreadsheet formats also in Quicken. If you should encounter any problems with running Quicken, do not hesitate to contact Quicken customer support. Call our helpdesk number for any assistance you require.

Quicken for the latest MAC version

Quicken is available for users with Apple and MAC with may updated features for the purposes of billing, it includes new plans for subscriptions which is only available for MAC users. MAC users get the option to have enhanced bill management also. MAC customers also get one more edition of Quicken in Quicken Premier. We have separate sections with detailed analyses to help MAC users set Quicken up in our Supports Section. Contact Quicken Customer Care for more assistance.


As you can see, we have at Quicken all the solutions for your financial problems. Our commitment towards ensuring customer satisfaction has made Quicken the leading financial management software in the world today. Quicken is smart, efficient, effective and precise in its calculations and analyses. We remain firm in our goal to ensure that you are always able to track and monitor your finances and are able to maintain a good and healthy budget. You can always contact tech support at Quicken to resolve any queries.

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